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Experience. Precision.

DIENES has represented complete solutions and services in the fields of industrial knives, knife holders, slitting systems and valves for around 100 years. The successful development of our long-established company has always been characterised by the highest expectations of quality, precision and service as well as trend-setting innovations. It is thanks to this commitment that DIENES is today the world's best performing partner in its field with several international locations and about 500 employees. We would like to use our website to introduce our company and our approach to professional product development and customer-oriented services.

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360° Performance.

All from one hand.

Get to know innovations. Gain know-how.

exhibition dates.

| Germany, Munich, DIENES Werke

ICE Europe

| Germany, Stuttgart, DIENES Werke

Fair The Battery Show Europe, May 15th-17th 2018, Hannover Germany

The Battery Show Europe

| Germany, Frankfurt am Main, DIENES Werke

Fair Zellcheming, June 26th-28th 2018, Frankfurt, Germany


slitting seminars.

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Slitting Academy

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Regrinding service

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Spare parts / knife managagement

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Technical support

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DIENES is the specialist in the production of industrial slitting tools and is constantly concerned with the latest market requirements.

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Mit ca. 500 Mitarbeitern und weltweit 6 Fertigungsstellen nehmen wir im Bereich der Spitzenschneidtechnologie eine führende Rolle ein. Um unseren Kunden...

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Mit ca. 500 Mitarbeitern und weltweit 6 Standorten nehmen wir im Bereich der industriellen Schneidtechnologie eine führende Rolle ein. Um unsere Kunden...

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Two 40-year jubilees celebrated Dienes Werke in Overath on November 23rd, 2018 at a festive lunch in the restaurant Camping Paul in Overath-Viersbrücken. This...

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DIENES – world class worldwide

DIENES know-how-database.

The knowledge of the cutting professionals from more than 100 years with the sense for future innovations. Always the perfect cut.

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10 good reasons.

DIENES is the world's leading manufacturer and turnkey provider of industrial slitting tools and solution-orientated slitting systems. And for good reason. Or to be more precise for ten good reasons that help keep our customers a step ahead.

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Certificated quality.

Kiwa International Cert GmbH hereby certifies that the company DIENES has implemented and maintains a quality management system for the scope of manufacture of industrial slitting tools consisting of high-precision knives, knife holders and cutting systems in mass production or customized, compressor accessories, bending tools, guide rails and technical service functions. that meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.


Slitting automation caught on video

Have a look at our videos and learn more about the DIENES products.

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