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Generating Success.

The company DIENES with its long tradition was established in Remscheid in 1913 by Karl Rudolf Dienes. Even at that time, he accepted the challenge of adapting his cutting products and developments to exactly match the requirements of his customers. In doing so, he laid the foundations for a globally successful development. The DIENES Group, in the meantime managed by the third generation, Bernd und Rudolf Supe-Dienes, is today the world's leading precision provider in the fields of industrial knives, knife holders and slitting systems, and is an innovative partner for plate valves and regulators. Meanwhile, nearly 500 employees in several global locations in Germany, the USA, Asia, Poland and France are coordinated from the company's headquarters in Overath near Cologne.

Approximately 100 years of experience in mechanical engineering, valuable user knowledge, continuous research in our own development department and the latest technology today enable us, as a manufacturer and development partner, to guarantee our customers with our unique 360° performance the highest quality from a single source more than ever before. We are continuously setting new standards in the precise realisation of required product characteristics. We further our customers' work with trend-setting innovations in the paper, aluminium, steel, non-ferrous metal, film and foil, labels and adhesive tape, non-woven materials, and tissue and textile processing industries, in the rubber and plastics sector and in the printing industry. Our mechanical engineering customers also achieve outstanding performance in the valve sector with DIENES valves and regulator components.

From standardised serial production to individual, user-specific special solutions, we meet every technical expectation. Flexibly, reliably and with a strength supported by numerous patents and with a proximity to the customer which has always been of the utmost importance to us. In this way, our customers also benefit from a comprehensive range of services relating to all our products, thus enabling us to act as a reliable partner on all levels.

Exceeding. Quality standards.

Our customers are among the best in their fields. To achieve their demanding goals, they need products which are technically and economically reliable in order to carry out their work. As your partner, we can guarantee exactly this all-encompassing and outstanding quality.

Thanks to our in-house development department and the often many years of intensive collaboration with our customers, we know that the first principles for our slitting applications must be precision, ease of operation, safety, freedom from dust and low maintenance requirements, and for our valves an optimum utilisation of space. Furthermore, every product must not only be matched without compromise to its particular sector and customer-dependent requirements, but also prove itself under extreme conditions in the long term.

We repeatedly succeed in setting new standards for all these requirements. This is because we work for our customers. It is therefore a matter of course that the quality which distinguishes our products also forms the basis of the service we offer. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of services from reliable support, maintenance, installation and process optimisation on site to practical seminars and training courses and a 48-hour regrinding service.

The quality management system for the manufactoring of the DIENES products is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. In addition, we support the "Choose the Original - Choose Success" campaign organised by the Information Centre of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), which acts against product piracy and infringement of intellectual property rights and is involved with the use of original machines.

Protecting. Environment.

Since 2011 we have installed systems to save 250 t CO2 per year.

We think about the future at all levels and work responsibly: Since the end of 2011, the DIENES Group has been operating a photovoltaic system with an output of 72.1 kWp. By the end of October 2015, the plant had supplied 256,000 kW/h of electricity and avoided a total emission of 179.38 t CO2. This corresponds to a CO2 saving of approx. 45 t CO2 per year.

In production, a combined heat and power plant with an output of 40 kW is operated. This means that the basic heat output requirement of approx. 290,000 kW/h is met and 140,000 kWh of electricity is fed in at the same time. This results in a CO2 saving of approx. 160 t per year.

The waste heat from the compressed air supply is used directly for heating purposes. This means that 75,000 kW/h of heating capacity can be achieved with a minimum additional energy input per year, thus avoiding 45 t of CO2 emissions.