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Technical Product Designer (m / f)

Main tasks

Technical product designers are specialized in CAD programs. They support the work of engineers by creating and modifying 3D data sets and documentation for components and assemblies on the basis of design and technical specifications.

They take into account manufacturing processes and material properties, plan and coordinate workflows and design processes, check and evaluate work results.

When a new product is designed, technical product designers calculate lengths and surfaces, volume and mass as well as the center of gravity of the product. To do this, they must have mathematical knowledge and master geometric laws.

Technical product designers design assemblies and individual parts. In order to assess their resilience or flexibility, they need to know their material properties. Basic physical knowledge and interest in materials science are therefore advantageous.

Complex CAD software is used in design and development departments. Basic computer skills are therefore helpful. In addition, a presentation is usually created to introduce the product to be developed.

Product designers also learn to calculate the costs of developing, manufacturing and materials for a new product. Teamwork and customer-oriented work are part of the training.


  • Good to very good knowledge of mathematics
  • Interest in materials science
  • Creativity and fun in drawing and constructing
  • Care and spatial imagination

Summary of the apprenticeship occupation

Job Title Technical Product Designer
Duration of apprenticeship 3.5 years
Working area Industrial, commercial, freight forwarding companies
School qualification

Your contact person for careers

+49 2206 605-215

Please note

For the year 2019, we have already awarded the apprenticeships for Technical Product Designer (m / f). From the 4th quarter of 2019 you can apply for an apprenticeship in 2020. Please do not hesitate to contact us.