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Patents and Records.

Comprehensive expertise and an excellent sense for innovations distinguish us and our company. We work for the success and smooth processes of our customers and develop groundbreaking products for you, which repeatedly receive national and international awards and honours. We are pleased to present you some of our patents, records and awards and will continue to be at the top for you in the future.

German Brand Award '18 special

– Industry Excellence in Branding –

The "Special Mention" award honors work for special aspects of brand management - an award that honors the commitment to the competitiveness of German brands. DIENES received two awards, one for the brand management of the DIENES brand in the category "Industry Excellence in Branding - Corporate Brand of the year Categorie Industry, Machines & Engineering" and the other in the category "Product Brand of the Year" for the brand management of the knife holder series "DS".

ICE Award 2007

New shear cut knife holder, Munich - Germany

Only three weeks before receiving the INDA Award, DIENES Werke received the ICE Innovations Award at the International Converting Exhibition ICE in Wiesbaden for the new Depth Control knife holder with manual depth adjustment.

This knife holder offers an inexpensive and simple solution for adjusting the overlap depth. Simply turning the manual depth adjustment is sufficient. When the pre-adjusted overlap depth is reached, an optical signal is generated. A very easy and safe adjustment results in an optimal knife adjustment.

IDEA Achievement Award 2007

New Module IV, Florida - USA

DIENES Corporation, USA, presented the new, time-saving and highly accurate automatic knife adjustment system QUIK SET at the IDEA fair in Miami. With this positioning system, the time required for positioning is reduced to a minimum by positioning all knife holders simultaneously under computer control, which also achieves extremely high positioning accuracy. The Dienes QUIK SET system allows the adjustment of all holders in only five seconds.

Luis Teixeira, Sales and Marketing Director of DIENES Corporation, proudly received the IDEA Achievement Award in the field of equipment from the trade fair company on April 24th, 2007.



Patent USA

Längsschneidemaschine mit Schneidkassette

Patent anzeigen (PDF)


Patent Deutschland

Für einen automatischen Messerwechsel eingerichtete Längsschneidemaschine

Patent anzeigen (PDF)


Patent Deutschland

Schneidanordnung mit einer Spitz-auf-Spitz-Messeranordnung (Twin Cut)

Patent anzeigen (PDF)


Patent USA

Trockenlaufender Schraubenverdichter mit pneumatisch gesteuertem Entlüftungsventil

Patent anzeigen (PDF)

Und wir entwicklen auch zukünftig stetig neue innovative Produkte!

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