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Labels, adhesive tape

We offer specially matched, durable solutions for the cutting of labels and adhesive tape. Here, the special knife geometry and various coatings and cleaning devices prevent the build-up of adhesive on the tool and the loss of quality of the cut roll.

Clean cut

The DIENES Clean Cut innovation prevents adhesive residue sticking to the knife during the shear cut. This is achieved by a process-dependent treatment of the top knife which promotes longer machine running times with less cleaning effort. Further advantages are an improved cutting edge and increased safety.

score cut / crush cut

As well as the razor blade cut and the shear cut, DIENES also offers the score cut / crush cut method for processing labels and adhesive tape. Here, the score cut / crush cut knife, which is guided in a pneumatically operated knife holder, is pressed against a specially surface-hardened cutting shaft. This guarantees a freely adjustable cutting width and uncomplicated, safe operation. "Bleeding" of the material to be processed is also significantly reduced.

Heated cut

Another innovation is our heated cut. This is used for processing papers and plastics which are coated on both sides or impregnated with adhesive. Thanks to a score cut / crush cut knife which is heated to approx. 70°C in the knife holder, this process prevents adhesive coatings sticking to the knife edges and leading to web breaks or defective knife edges.

Scoring with micro depth adjustment

In order to only score the material to be processed, DIENES has developed special score cut / crush cut knife holders with micro depth adjustment. This ensures accurate, reproducible scoring depths. We also offer innovative "Crack and Peel" knives to your individual requirements.

Mini-Cut cutting block

As a general principle, we have developed our Mini-Cut cutting block for very narrow cut widths. It is also ideally suitable for use with labels. The cutting cassette is supplied as a completely assembled unit and ensures low set-up times and optimum accuracy from a cutting width of 4 mm. The Mini-Cut can be installed in all current machines and is also suitable for retrofitting.

We would be pleased to provide you personally with further information on our applications for cutting adhesive material and the development of customer-specific solutions. You will find our contact details and a contact form here.

Your contact for labels, adhesive tape

Mr. Rudolf Supe-Dienes