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New comfort carring handle from DIENES

General news

DIENES is the specialist in the production of industrial slitting tools and is constantly concerned with the latest market requirements.

The uncomfortable carrying of heavy products has moved into the focus of the DIENES developers. After all, who does not know it? When carrying a six-pack of water, the handle cuts uncomfortably into the hands. Conventional, straight cut carrying handles for plastic packaging are often sharp-edged and do not provide a carrying comfort especially with heavy products like beverages (picture 1). A solution for this problem is the unique comfort carrying handle system for beverages from DIENES (German utility model 20 2014 104 270). With its wave-like edges the carrying handle adapts to the hand of the carrier and provides a lot more carrying comfort without generating additional production cost (picture 2). The self-adhesive carrying handle can be used with all beverage packaging (e. g. 1.5 l bottles) as well as in the food and hygiene industry.


DIENES is the market leading supplier of knives, knife holders and slitting systems for industrial applications and can look back on more than 100 years of company history. The company employs approximately 500 people. DIENES holds various national and international patents. The DIENES knives and knife holders are used to cut, scratch or perforate a wide range of materials such as packaging, labels, adhesive tape, battery foil, nonwoven, cellulose, paper, core paper, aluminum, carbon material, diaper closures and much more. DIENES products are used for roll to roll and roll to sheet processes.