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Micro cut slitting cassette assembly

Slitting cassette
shear cut

Minimum slit width 0.5 mm

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Slitting cassette
score cut / crush cut

Minimum slit width 4 mm

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Golden Slit knife

 Self-resilient top knives

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Innovations. Technical highlights.

Who invented it? DIENES! Who else!


For optimum and constant slitting pressure - independent of distance and extremely sensitive.


For safe and easy positioning of top and bottom knives - fast, reproducible and gentle on the material.

DIENES Senso-Control

Depth settings Precision, Precision plus, Senso, Senso plus (LED), Senso motion plus.

Slitting automation caught on video

Have a look at our videos and learn more about the DIENES products.

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Retrofitting? Individual solution needed?

We would be happy to retrofit your existing machine with our slitting cassettes. DIENES also manufactures the knives required for shearing and crushing cuts, glass hard shafts and rings, dovetail rails (different dimensions) and spacers. For more detailed information, please contact our sales department.

Your contact person for knife holders

+49 2206 605-0

Standard knife programme

Within our standard knife programme (PDF) you can find further information about all common products.

Standard knife programme (PDF)