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Slitting cassette. Score cut / crush cut.

DIENES Slitting cassettes for slit widths from 4 mm

A slitting cassette consists of several individual knife holders which are connected in an assembly with specified knife distance. Due to the modularity of these slitting cassettes they can be combined according to customer needs. When a different slit width is required the slitting cassettes can be exchanges quickly and easily.

The slitting cassettes are fitted into the machine either with a reception frame or our toolless “Quick Clamp” system. As the cassettes are manufactured as complete units, the manufacturing tolerances that can be achieved are much more accurate and thus the tolerance addition is reduced considerably, i. e. can nearly be excluded.

Benefits at a glance:

  • smallest slit width from 4 mm
  • easier slit width change due to easy cassette exchange
  • lesser setup time compared to individual knife holders
  • exclusion of positioning errors (set slit width)
  • Due to optimized synchronism and smooth running of knives the danger of web tear is considerably reduced

Retrofitting? Individual solution needed?

We would be happy to retrofit your existing machine with our slitting cassettes. DIENES also manufactures the knives required for the crush cutting, hard glass shafts and rings, dovetail rails (different dimensions) and spacers. For more detailed information, please contact our sales department.