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Micro cut slitting cassette assembly. Shear cut.

DIENES cassette style slitting system for slit widths starting at 0.5 mm

The micro cassette style slitting system employs ridged side frames, allowing for the removal of the top and bottom knife shafts without the use of any tools and the offline setup with DIENES spring incorporated top knives* and bottom knives as well as the corresponding spacers. The vertical knife overlap and horizontal knife contact is achieved with a mechanical actuator design and dial indicator readouts. As a result repeatable knife overlap and knife side-load forces are possible. Pivoting, rubber coated idler rolls located at the entry and exit sides allow for a tangential as well as wrapped cutting geometry depending upon the web material to be processed.

In addition optional electronically operated, Acrylic self-locking  safety guarding and knife shaft drive are available. Because of the modular design features, tighter manufacturing tolerances can be maintained and accumulative tooling tolerances are virtually eliminated.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Easy slit width changes due to simplified knife shaft removal
  • High strip width accuracy due to preset tooling arrangements
  • Operator friendly, even when processing the narrowest, possible strip widths
  • Consistent top and bottom knife performance
  • Availability of additional, pre-assembled knife shafts, inter-changeable by the slitter operator
  • Micro slitter cassette assemblies are available for new machine designs as well as for retrofits

Retrofitting? Individual solution needed?

We would be happy to retrofit your existing machine with our slitting cassettes. DIENES also manufactures the knives required for shear cutting, hard glass shafts and rings, dovetail rails (different dimensions) and spacers. For more detailed information, please contact our sales department.

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