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Extend. Service life. – the smart knife heat releases when needed

For optimum and constant slitting pressure - independent of distance and extremely sensitive.

DIENES' innovative CSL technology (Constant Side Load) ensures more efficiency and sustainability in industrial slitting. The new knife holder heads with integrated CSL technology are capable of very precisely managing, controlling and reproducing the slitting forces between the top and bottom knives. The result: A stable intersection with permanently optimized cutting edge quality and a significant increase in tool life by reducing the contact force. In addition, the reduced contact force has a positive effect on the vibration behaviour of the slitting system, because it is constant axial, always reproducible and thus guarantees uniform knife life on all holders. Other benefits include shorter set-up times and a reduction in holder maintenance and regrinding costs. You can find out more directly from our slitting experts.

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Service Life of Knives on Pneumatic Shear Cut Knife Holders

Increased Knife Life thru Contact Force Reduction (Constant Side Load Technology, Type CSL) In the last years, there have been efforts to increase the service life of top knives by reducing the knife contact force. The results of these efforts have merged in the Dienes shear cut knife holder concept of the PSG-DF 150 and PSGs-DF 50 series.

Based on optimum user convenience and greatest safety for high performance operations, these knife holder types stand out due to the following features:

  • zero clearance vertical guidance
  • exact shear angle
  • accident-proof, scaled depth adjustment
  • reproducible slitting forces
  • vibration absorbing guiding systems
  • quick knife replacement due to bayonet jointing

By using diaphragm heads allowing „slip-stick-free“, reproducible knife adjustments, we now completed a series of testings as a result of which an absolutely new knife head concept proved successful. With these knife holder heads for hightech applications, the slitting forces between top and bottom knives can be monitored and controlled. Slitting forces of e. g. 10 N can be adjusted easily. This allows extremely long knife life at a constantly high slitting quality level. Inaccuracies in former applications had been caused by stroke variances due to differently reground bottom knives or unprecise positioning.

With the novel construction of the knife holders that have been tested now, Dienes has succeeded in granting that knife contact forces are adjusted stroke-independent by means of return springs in the knife heads. In the field tests that have been made so far, knife life was increased by a factor of 5-20! The reduced contact forces also have a positive effect on the vibration behaviour of the slitting system.

The most important benefits:

  • uniform knife life on all holders
  • increased knife life 
  • reduced regrinding costs
  • shorter setup times
  • rigid slitting point
  • saving of holder components
  • improved slitting edge quality
  • considerably reduced dust formation
  • mimimum holder maintenance

What is Constant Side Load?

There are two main features:

  • The axial contact force remains constant independent from the distance between the top and the bottom knife edge.
  • The contact force is linear, reproducible and only depends on the respecitve air-loading.

CSL in action

This video demonstrates how the ConstantSideLoad CSL principle works.