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Operating comfort. A matter of adjustment.

Fast, reproducible and gentle to materials

For safe and easy positioning of top and bottom knives.

Easy Set is a user-friendly knife holder with integrated adjustment slide. As the name implies, Easy Set allows the operator the simplest possible knife setting. One single action and the extended setting slide "Easy Set" ensure quick and exact knife holder adjustment.

Once the bottom knife is in the desired position, the complete knife holder is moved in the desired direction and the adjustment slide for precise positioning is simply folded down by hand. Then the knife holder is moved further in the direction of the bottom knife until the circular tongue of the setting slide rests against the bottom knife edge. During this adjustment process, the top and bottom knives do not touch. After fixing the knife holder, the setting slide is folded upwards and remains in this resting position. Then the knife holder is subjected to pneumatic compressed air, which causes the top knife to rest against the respective bottom knife. Especially with shear cut knife holders with linear guides, Easy Set offers optimum operating comfort and fast and precise adjustment. We can retrofit existing knife holders with Easy Set.

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Adjustment slide / Easy Set

Knife adjustment with patented adjustment slide

Short film about the adjustment of the top knife to the bottom knife with the aid of the adjustment slide. This knife holder feature ensures ideal adjustment of the top and bottom knives and prevents the top knife from being placed on the bottom knife during the slitting process.

Advantages at a glance:

  • better safety
  • considerable minimization of set-up time
  • simple knife adjustment in seconds
  • Precise slitting settings
  • longer durability of the knives due to reproducible contact forces
  • Avoidance of knife damage during the setting process (no contact between top and bottom knife)