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The Simultaneo us Positioning System supplied by DIENES

The innovative, fully automatic DIENES knife positioning system SIMU-FLASH combines very short positioning times with highest precision due to simultaneous adjustment.

Due to the simultaneous computer controlled knife positioning all knives are adjusted at the same time with high precision. Individual knives can be adjusted automatically and manually. The intuitive touchscreen handling supports operators, enabling them to do any change of slit widths in an error-free, safe, precise and quick way. The adjustment time required will be less than 15 seconds, independent of the number of knives in operation. Inline slitting is possible with SIMU-FLASH. The SIMU-FLASH system is very compact and compatible with almost every DIENES shear cut-, crush cut- and razor blade knife holders. It can be integrated into existing machines within the scope of modernizations or included into new ones.

For further information about SIMU-FLASH and DIENES’ conventional systems please call us: +49 2206 605-0 or send an email to


  • minimum waste production at highest precision for inline slitting
  • Quick and stable process for the change of slit widths
  • Simultaneous computer controlled positioning
  • Quick adjusting time <15 sec  independent of the number of knives
  • Automatic and manual adjustment of individual knives
  • Compatible with almost every DIENES shear cut-, crush cut- and razor blade knife holders
  • Compact design

Simu-Flash in action