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Our customers' machines must reliably produce maximum performance day in and day out. To ensure this, DIENES produces high-precision, stable slide ways for the mechanical engineering and special machine industry. As standard, these are made from fully hardened tool steel or are alternatively surface-hardened or partially hardened.

Along with their hardness and professionally ground surface, DIENES slideways impress with their micron accuracy and are optimally matched to the specific wishes and requirements of the customer - for example in the form of roller guides and slide ways for use in machine tools and transfer lines or as innovative developments in new systems and special applications.

All our slideways are subject to comprehensive quality inspection. The detailed inspection reports are included with the product.

DIENES also provides its customers in the steel industry with long-life wear strips and wear plates. These are usually made from compound steel. Maximum resistance to wear is achieved by means of the impact-absorbing soft core and the hardened surface.

We would be pleased to assist with any questions you may have on our slideways and wear parts and with the development of solutions to match your particular requirements. You will find our contact details and a contact form here.

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