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Straight knives

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DIENES straight knives are the result of intensive research into optimal slitting processes with different types of material. Our products made from highly alloyed steel, powder metallurgical steel (DPM), hard metal and special materials are mainly used as stable solutions in the paper manufacturing and processing industry and in metal and steel processing.

The expertly developed DIENES standard range includes a wide variety of paper and foil knives, recycling knives, shear knives, perforating knives, profile knives and shears, scrap choppers and cross-cutters. Straight knives are available up to a length of 6,000 mm and with matching cutting bars and edging tools.

Our solutions are as varied as your applications. Naturally, we therefore also continuously develop tailor-made straight knife products for the customer's own special processes. Detailed information on our various paper cutting knives, shear knives and slideways follows. We would be pleased to assist with any questions or individual manufacturing requirements. You will find our contact details and a contact form here.

Your contact person for straight knives

+49 2206 605-0

Standard knife programme

Within our standard knife programme (PDF) you can find further information about all common products.

Standard knife programme (PDF)

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Guillotine knives

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Shear knives

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Foil knives

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Cutting sticks

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Edge tools

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Serrated knives

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Three-knife trimmers

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Recycling knives

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Cross cutters

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Scrap choppers

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Trimming knives

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Roll cutters

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Profile shears

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Wear plates

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Special knives

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Quality knives for all standard systems

  • Atlas
  • Brehmer/Stahl
  • Ehinger/EBA
  • F.L.
  • Guo Wang
  • Heidelberg
  • Herold
  • Hörauf
  • Horizon
  • Hunkeler
  • Ideal (Krug + Priester)
  • Kolbus
  • Lawson/Dexter
  • Macey-Harris

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Slitting automation caught on video

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