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My slitting laboratory with an expert at knives

Slitting optimization under professional conditions

Due to the high demand DIENES offers its customers since the beginning of 2015 an extended access to the company's own development laboratory with " My slitting laboratory with an expert at knives". In order to guarantee the discretion of your own developments, we provide two alternative offers:

  • On the one hand, you can use our development laboratory under the professional guidance of our slitting specialists and benefit from their know-how and experience.
  • On the other hand, you can also test and select the perfect products for your individual requirements from our approximately 1,000 knife and knife holder combinations on your own initiative and at your leisure.

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Shear or crush cut or ...?

In our cutting laboratory all essential cutting processes are available: Whether shear cut  with or without rotary drive, crush cut or burst and razor blade cut - you have unrestricted access to countless precision knives. But also when it comes to heated cutting, hot cutting and laser* or ultrasonic cutting*, we offer you suitable solutions within the framework of "My slitting laboratory with an expert at knives". We also offer a wealth of experience that you can fall back on, with over 10,000 documented slitting tests. In addition, the laboratory offers you the possibility of analyzing and optimizing the slitting result of your own samples thanks to state-of-the-art measuring and visualization technology. The parameters can be documented at any time.

*after prior consultation

How much does the"My slitting laboratory with an expert at knives" cost?

We will be pleased to inform you if interested about the costs of the two offers of "My slitting laboratory with an expert at knives" .

How can I book the DIENES slitting laboratory?

If you would like to make your production more efficient with "My slitting laboratory with an expert at knives", simply send us your enquiry.

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