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DIENES Golden Slit

Self-resilient top knives

World novelty.

DIENES’ patented, self-resilient Golden Slit knives feature novel slots providing a spring effect, that compensates tolerances and critical vibrations to a wide degree. What is more, dust formation is reduced, longevity is increased and thus costs are saved owing to an innovative finish. Narrowest slit widths can be realised by combining top knives with spacer rings. Due to the additional “Long Life” coating and/or the “ADS Anti Dust Surface”, service life is extended up to ten times and dust generation is reduced significantly.

Benefits at a glance:

  • lower number of parts = lower number of tolerances
  • reduction of diversity of parts
  • narrowest slit widths from 0.5 mm
  • reduction of slitting dust formation
  • extended longevity
  • slitting cassettes replaceable as a whole