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Circular knives.

Applying. All round view.

Whether made from steel, powder metallurgical steel (DPM), tungsten carbide, special materials or finished - our circular knives always represent perfection. In up to 40 operations and using the latest technology we manufacture highly effective products which impress in long-term use with precise and clean cutting edges. Our comprehensive pre-delivery quality checks also guarantee that there are no tolerance variations of any kind to adversely affect the performance of the slitting tools.

DIENES circular knives are available for various applications up to a diameter of 500 mm. Our large and continuously fully optimised standard range includes numerous top and bottom knives for shear cut, score cut / crush cut, burst cut and razor blade cut procedures, matching high-quality multiple knife blocks for carrier shafts and expanding air shafts, as well as rotary shear knives. Collars, cutting rings and spacers as well as glass-hard shafts and rings are also produced by us with highest precision. Along with our standard products, we also regularly manufacture circular knives which are developed for special applications or new machines, exactly in accordance with the customer's requirements.

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Standard knife programme

Within our standard knife programme (PDF) you can find further information about all common products.

Standard knife programme (PDF)

360° Performance.

All from one hand.



Diameter 46–250 mm

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Grooved knives

Diameter 46–250 mm

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Score cut / crush cut knives

Diameter 50–150 mm

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Profile and perforating knives

Diameter 50–150 mm

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Circular knife and core cutter

Diameter 50–240 mm

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Diameter 62–150 mm

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Dished knives

Diameter 62–200 mm

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Narrow cut

Diameter 75–105 mm

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Cutting rings

Diameter 77–250 mm

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Multiple grooved knife blocks

Diameter 77–490 mm

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Top knives (flat)

Diameter 90–220 mm

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Bottom knives

Diameter 105–300 mm

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Glass hard shafts and rings

Diameter max. 520 mm

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Razor blade knife blocks

Diameter max. 500 mm

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The largest inventory of the entire slitting industry

Slitting automation caught on video

Have a look at our videos and learn more about the DIENES products.

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Quality knives for all standard systems

  • Adolf Müller
  • Ashe
  • Atlas
  • Bastian Wickeltechnik
  • Beloit
  • Berstorff
  • Bielloni
  • Bielomatik
  • Black Clawson
  • Calemard
  • Cameron
  • Celli
  • Christian Maier
  • Dalaker

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